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Syphilis in Greenland 2012-2019


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Project description: The incidence of syphilis in Greenland has been considered non-excisting since the latest outbreak in 1987. But since 2012 an unforeseen increase in syphilis cases has been observed. The incidence is highest among young people. This group also represents the highest incidences of gonorrhea and chlamydia, therefore a concern is raised regarding the transmission of syphilis. The clinics in the Greenlandic health care system provide free access to diagnostics and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis. However, whether the clinics in different regions offer the same control measures after treatment for syphilis, has never been formally assessed. Furthermore, the notfication rate of syphilis cases to the National Board of Health in the period, has not been formally assessed. Additionally, even though an increased focus was put on syphilis since 2012, it is still unknown whether the syphilis situation in Greenland is currently under control. The project is conducted as a register study. Purpose: To evaluate the syphilis situation in Greenland from 2012 untill 2019, including the regional differences. Research question: We hypothesize that the syphilis situation in Greenland is not yet under control in spite of installed control measures and that the control programs show large regional differences.