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Image Velocimetry for discharge measurements in Greenland


Program / partnership
Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM)
Project start
Project end
Type of project
Project theme
Earth sciences
Project topic
Remote sensing

Fieldwork / Study

Fieldwork country
Fieldwork region
Greenland, Mid-West
Fieldwork location

Geolocation is 64.133687475734, -51.386173028798

Fieldwork start
Fieldwork end

Project details

Science / project plan

This project aims to test the newly developed Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV) for discharge measurements in Greenland. The method will be tested together with traditional methods on a number of measurements sites mainly in Kobbefjord close to Nuuk, on a selection of the GEM ClimateBasis hydrological measurement stations. LSPIV works by extracting surface velocities from a short video sequence of a river stretch. This is converted to mean velocity with a surface-to-mean velocity coefficient, and then to discharge with the measured area of the river cross-section. The learning outcome from the project will be gathered in a procedure for field measurements which is freely available for all interested parties.

The project is funded by the Greenlandic Research Council through the Research Promotion Pool I 2019.

Science / project summary

The method was tested on six locations in Greenland: five on the west coast and one on the northeast coast. Only one location showed promising results. Four other locations had poor result due to obvious short-comings (water too clear or too featureless, shadow and light conditions). The last location gave poor results without obvious reason, though several theories have been made on why it didn't work. The overall conclusion is that the LSPIV method is too demanding on site locations to be of general use in Greenland, but it can be used on specific sites after careful consideration and with several reference measurements using traditional discharge measurement methods. 

Publications related to project

Procedure for vandføringsmåling med image velocimetry (only in Danish) - Available by request from Asiaq.