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GEUS Fjeldskreds 2019 Vaigat Marine Survey


Marine Geological Survey of Vaigat - September 2019

As part of the GEUS Fjeldskreds project a marine geological survey will be undertaken in Vaigat strait using the RV Sanna. The aims of this survey are:

  1. To acquire additional bathymetric data to constrain tsunami models.
  2. To acquire geophysical data to determine thickness of mass transport deposits.
  3. To acquire sediment core samples to assist in determining the age and frequency of landslide events.

We will acquire multibeam bathymetry, sparker and Innomar seismics in order to complete the new mapping survey. Gravity and Rumohr cores will be acquired to sample mass transport deposits.

The vessel will mobilise in Ilulissat on the 18th of September, before transiting to the survey area in Vaigat. Geophysical operations will be conducted initially, followed by a combination of geophysics and coring - as dictated by conditions encountered. If time allows some work will be undertaken off the southeast coast of Disko and/or north of the Nuussuaq peninsula. We will demobilise in Ilulissat on the 30th of September.

Start date
End date
Mobilisation at Ilulissat, Transit to Vaigat for geophysical survey and coring operations. Possible work north of Nuussuaq peninsula and on southeast coast of Disko. Demob in Ilulissat.
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Type of transport
Research ship
Open seats, if any
No open seats.
Greenland, Mid-West
Logistic coordinator
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland