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Final Reporting for the Wales, Alaska, Archaeology Project


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Culture & history

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This project provides funding for the completion of the final report of a long-term archaeological project at Wales, Alaska, and will support two students as they assist in preparing the data and contents of the monograph for submission for publication, and ultimate curation of the cultural materials in the collection. The Wales project represents almost two decades of research on an important Alaskan site that represents a complexity of social group interaction in the region that both complements and complicates previous understandings of Bering Strait prehistory. In addition, the project will engage the Wales community in the preparation of the monograph, including traditional community knowledge (written by members of the Wales community) about the archaeological sites investigated. The completion of this project will see not only the publication of results but the return of the collections from this project to public curation and, eventually, the return of part of this collection to the Seward Peninsula/Bering Strait region where it can become a focus for local community awareness and education as well as a source of interpretation for non-indigenous residents and visitors to the area.