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Engaging Early Career Polar Scholars in the North Pacific Arctic Conference and Network: Honolulu, HI - August 14-16, 2019


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This award supports travel for four early career scientists to the North Pacific Arctic Conference (NPAC) as panelists and participants from 2019 through 2021. The short-term objectives of the project are: 1) to introduce promising next generation scientists with expertise in the Arctic region to existing knowledge and leadership policy-relevant international networks; 2) to provide them with the additional knowledge, experience, inspiration, and opportunity they need to become future leaders of the region; and 3) to ensure the early career scientists represent the diversity of the region by including women and Indigenous participants. In the longer-term, the project aims to develop the skills for these early career scientists to step into future regional leadership roles. The project team will fulfill its objectives by inviting four high-caliber early career scientists to the two-day NPAC conference in each year. They will be included as full participants in the conference proceedings, first as panelists; second as contributors to the published NPAC conference proceedings; and third as participants in high-level virtual networks associated with the NPAC community. Upon the conclusion of the conference, they will continue on as participants in these virtual networks and also be given the opportunity to contribute their written works the East- West Center's Asia Pacific Bulletin and Asia Pacific Issue publications.